The Naadz Story


"We may have been wearing jewelry as far back as 75,000 years ago - which is 30,000 years earlier than previously believed" - National Geographic News. 

New York City - Inspired by my love for the world, the cultures, the colors of jewelry and respect for the cultural values passed down from generations. Naadz was borne to resemble that heritage of expression from around the world that has been lost. Naadz collections featuring bold designs from the Ottoman era, ancient Egyptians, Turkey, Brazil and Southeast Asia. 

Over the millennia, jewelry styles and materials have evolved with the advances of civilization. From the Stone Age to the Bronze Age, from the Iron Age to the Industrial Revolution, jewelry styles have transformed, modernized, and then often returned to their most basic forms.

"I believe that jewelry is to be expressed… so create your own adventurous stories with these designs that will take you places. The one common element in my collections is wearable jewelry." 

All jewelry is supremely feminine and even surprisingly affordable. While we continue to grow and innovate, we value our customers and partners with great integrity and respect. After all, passion to innovate and service you is what we strive for. bringing to you classic, designer pieces for your jewelry box.

NAADZ bringing you exclusivity by design, so let me spoil you!